Made Up Monday- wet hair and everyday makeup

So, I am a girly girl, but I am a lazy girl first and foremost. Looking cute is always important to me, but I refuse to spend all day in the bathroom getting ready, get me out the door quick without it looking like I just rolled out of bed? I’ll try it.

I started out fresh from the shower, hair still soaking wet. I have SUPER thick hair that I cannot wait to get chopped off, my hair has always been short. It’s been over a year since I actually got a haircut, mainly to make sure I didn’t go crazy and chop it all before my wedding (I was told that I would want my hair long for an updo, my amazing awesome stylist was correct, I never doubt her.) I normally let my hair dry a little while doing my makeup, to make sure my hair isn’t dripping throughout the day.

Now, In case anyone is interested, my skincare routine has been all Perfectly Posh since I became a consultant 2 and half years ago. I am obsessed, this stuff is amazing. I use the Pore-fect face wash bar every morning, and BFF (Best Face Forever) a few times a week when I need some exfoliation. I use the Moisturize 911 caffeinated face lotion every morning and Apricots Overnight mask every night for deep hydration. I also alternate which mask I use a few times a week depending on my mood and what my skin needs, mostly, I use the Stripper or Drop Dead Gorgeous. If you are interested in those products, please feel free to contact me, or go online to I don’t love these products because I sell them, I sell them because I love them.

I am obsessed with a good smoky eye. I grew up in theater and dance, so dramatic makeup has always been my favorites. I still like fairly natural looking makeup, with a dramatic edge. This casual smoky eye is perfect. There are lots of links to this look without credit, the best I can find to credit correctly are and the tag in the picture says @vegas_nay, please send me proper links if anyone has them to properly credit whoever originally came up with this awesome look. I do love Urban Decay’s Naked Palette. Right now I only have the original, but once I have the money, I will be getting the other sets, as these are simple enough for me to get right no matter what I do. I will admit I have tried this look before, with great success. Again, this blog has been months in the works, and I am now finally getting content up, and videos posted.

Urban Decay’s Naked pallet is one of the best splurges I’ve ever spent. I am cheap and this is well worth the money. For foundation I use Nyx Hd sudio photogenic, ELF contouring blush and bronzing powder and for lips I used Nyx matte lipstick in Siren. Overall, this is a makeup look that would fit in day or night, office or night out. I cannot think of a situation where I would feel uncomfortable wearing this makeup look.

Now that my makeup is done, it’s time to get back to my hair. Since I was blessed/cursed with thick hair, and a lazy attitude when it comes to styling said hair, I am going with a post on wet hairstyles, it takes about an hour to blow dry my hair, and more than 8 hours for it to air dry (and that’s when it’s down!) This post was found at Since most of these tutorials involve braids, and I am not coordinated enough to do all but the simplest braids on my hair, so I’m trying The Loose Triple Bun. This seems cute enough to wear out of the house, without spending more than 10-15 minutes. At least that is the plan.

Also, I do not use bobby pins most of the time. My hair is so thick they normally get bent out of shape so I can only use them once and that’s such a waste, I prefer hair pins. The vintage factor is only half of the reason I love them. I may have to use TONS of them to keep my hair up, but they do hold. Shout out to my amazing friend and hairstylist Cate with a C who gave me a pound of hair pins. Seriously, a pound. And with as quickly as I seem to go through these things, it’s a blessing to have a pound of them.
So, I think the hair is perfect for at the beach, after the pool, easy summer look. I would not wear this style to work, or anywhere fancy, but it is great for what it is, a fun, unique way to get all this hair off of my neck. Husband approves, says it looks cute, and agrees with how I see this as a great summer hairstyle. Definitely one to keep in the files, we shall see how it goes when wearing it for a full day, my hair may just be too darned thick to keep this style up and secure all day, it does feel loose. Definitely looks great from the front, not totally stuck to my skull as a lot of wet hair styles can get, casual and fun.

I was having issues with video editing software I had installed, and am working on getting new software and the videos I made up and running. I hope to edit this post tomorrow and get these inserted tomorrow. Pictures are on twitter and Instagram, so, make sure to follow me so that if I have these issues in the future you can see all but the tutorials and me actually making things happen.
I hope you enjoyed these tutorials, and proof that these posts are well worth your time. Tomorrow will be Tasty Tuesday; I will be trying a new recipe! Please feel free to let me know what you think, what you want to see, I would love for you to follow me on Pinterest, I will absolutely follow you back to make sure I can get the best content possible for my readers. I appreciate any and all feedback, in any way you would like to get it to me, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or email.

***I promise to always dig as much as possible to find the true creator of any content I review and link back appropriately. If I fail to properly identify the creator of these or any other content, please contact me with links and contact information of the creator so that I can not only correct my error, but apologize. I will never review any content that I cannot identify at least one creator to credit for the work. I do also ask that if you enjoy my work enough to share, please link back to me as well,***

Made Up Monday- wet hair and everyday makeup

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