Santa’s Belt Nails

Welcome back to another makeup Monday! Today I’m doing nails. Christmas nails. Santa’s belt nails. They look super cute, and seems easy, a red base, a black stripe, a silver (I’m using white since that’s what I have) buckle. I found this idea at although I’m sure there are probably many attributions for this idea.

My husband took a look at the reference photo and started talking about how this is the nail idea that looks super simple, but most women when they try it would end up frustrated and angry that it didn’t go according to plan.

I have short stubby nails since I bit them till I was 25 (and on and off since.) I think this idea is probably made more for long nails that are not as misshapen as mine are. I have always loved red nails (who doesn’t?) and a close friend gave me a set of nail polish based on Rocky Horror Picture Show for my birthday that included black, white, red and a glow in the dark top coat. Instead of the normal white polish with a thick normal brush, I do have a white polish from a nail decorating kit that I bought once when I was feeling ambitious, used once or twice and then put in a drawer. Well, I put it in a drawer after my sweet dog Apollo tried to eat it. See the teeth marks in the lid? Luckily, he didn’t actually puncture it to the point that it dried out the polish.

 photo 20151214_190913_zpsqh3bp1pr.jpg

Holy cow I forgot how much the nail art white polish stinks. It smells very very strongly of nail polish plus whiteout. Make sure to open the windows if you use this white polish or be ready for your head to be swimming before you get one nail done.

 photo 20151214_191243_zpsxdbsjpbs.jpg

Obviously my husband had very little faith in me, it does seem I did slightly better than he was expecting. That was evident when I showed him and got a ok, that doesn’t look bad at all. I’m not sure whether to be hurt that he had such little faith, or pleased that I was able to impress him. I’ll stick with a little of both.

 photo 20151214_192930_zps0s3kqwmy.jpg

I haven’t posted any videos yet, since I’m having issues finding easy to use video editing software within my budget (cheap/free.) So, for now to try to keep up steam and keep content flowing, I will just be posting pictures of the progress and finished results. If this seems to work well, that may continue, but at this time I do still hope to put videos corresponding to most posts.

For a heads up on what’s to come, or to view what caught my eye to begin with, please follow me on Pinterest. And to see what’s going on in the rest of my life, and find out when new posts are on their way, feel free to follow me on Twitter and Instagram. Have fun pinning, and have a great night.

Santa’s Belt Nails

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